Drone Photo & Videography


Capture the neighbourhood and surrounding sites via aerial photos & video.


97% Of home buyers use the internet as part of their home search*


Of agents who use drones, 36% hire a pro to operate them.*


Homes with aerial photos sell 68% faster than houses with standard images alone.*

At New Vision Media, we understand that in order to sell a property, you need to capture the interest of potential buyers. That’s why we offer our aerial photography and videography services – to help you show off your listing in the best possible light. Our drones allow us to take breathtaking photos and videos of your property, neighbourhood, and important local landmarks. Whether you’re looking to showcase the sprawling views from your penthouse suite or the charming character of your historic home, we can help you capture the perfect shot. So if you’re ready to take your listing to new heights, call us today.

* Ruby Home: https://www.rubyhome.com/blog/real-estate-photography-stats/

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